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> I also find it rather interesting that a member of Taylor's staff has gone to the trouble of acquiring a photograph of the bell, clearly taken at the Dutch foundry where it was cast, and seen fit to publish it to this group.  Not a very professional thing to do in my opinion. 
> R

Mr Grimmett has quite clearly explained how the photo came into his being and I do believe that he shared it with the group for interested persons to see.

If you were correct Richard (Offen), then I would remind you that your former employer,Whitechapel, did not do a very proffesional thing over Cornhill, when the contract was awarded to Taylors: For Whitechapel to qoute to recast but then object to Taylors doing the work was just not on. You can't qoute to do a recast and then when the contract is awarded to somebody else, try and put a block on the job in a Consistory Court by implying that the bells didn't need recasting and that only minimum tuning was done by Whitechapel. This information is in the public domain http://www.ringingworld.co.uk/images/pdf/cornhill_judgment.pdf



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