[Bell Historians] Olympic Bell, recycling

Dickon Love dickon at HVM6P1QtLNck0s-xDgw0jGxp7HPfwGYkbqHVUfxTZriFEGthjGjOagVE91NSIpZSCrbGEitwFDtQmb0rFTk.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jul 28 09:09:58 BST 2012

> There has not been much discussion as to what should be done with it after the Olympics.
> My suggestion is Replace Big Ben.

I understand that it is to be dismantled with the rest of the set this week before the arena reopens. A shame really as it would have enhanced each medals ceremony. 

According to friends in DCMS, its future hasn't been decided yet. My ear is to the ground though.

It looked splendid. As one might expect though, the mics didn't pick up the sound very well.


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