[Bell Historians] A new home for the Olympic Bell

Robert Lewis editor at 2NLr1ILNcH-o3ujRQZ1UInIuqft3R_NFNNsrbcP0F9Z6PPYAd96e8wRon2IXGo8UAFIMt2GzWEvqUmGObP7s6hKHbZI.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jul 28 20:09:51 BST 2012

At 10:19 28/07/2012, Roland B wrote:

>I think a good home for the Olympic Bell would be the Nation 
>Memorial Arboretum in memory of all the British Olympians who have 
>served in the armed forces in the defence of the our country.

An excellent suggestion (it had crossed my mind too).  However I 
suspect there will be a lot of pressure for this bell to remain in 
London (and probably East London).  It would continue to be a bit of 
a crowd-puller in the Olympic Park, so whoever takes on management of 
that may lobby to keep it there.

In the right setting it could look really spectacular.   The middle 
of Parliament Square?   Trafalgar Square?  Hyde Park?  Whitehall near 
the cenotaph?    The old churchyard of St Mary Matfelon in 
Whitechapel Road near the Foundry?

Finding a location where it would look good AND be usefully heard 
occasionally may be a bit of a challenge though.

Any other ideas?



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