[Bell Historians] Olympic Bell

Dickon Love dickon at rs5vsAUKX214Rq2BmzNh83Q782hCjrmUfu8yiQ8F3UhHa6yFlqd2KF_93zBAIZGCYJsQ9hvUI3YsNNNA-lOe.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jul 30 20:21:37 BST 2012

Kevin Jones:

> 22,548.214 kg in B

No, 22.91 tonnes according to those who know.

> A couldron would sound better, it didnt sound right to me

I thought the sound quality of the broadcast was very poor, and not nearly
good enough to make a judgment on what the bell actually sounded like.  I do
hope that a wider audience will get to hear it properly some time.



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