[Bell Historians] Olympic Bell

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at BxGo6ZcE_NUj44eGydX2U3Uxm20hHbsWXWLDupi0ON-1FsW9R4yhtPo9vrTt9w4TaZaWRrIkHCPXiu-12FTEfrPV9zKfgw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 31 08:51:15 BST 2012

Checking DRL's weight figure of 22-10-3-24 using 
http://www.towerbells.org/Cwt-Qtr-Lb_Calculator.html gives 22.91 tonnes. 
So the weight of 22,548.214 kg suggested by KJ looks wrong.

Not sure how Alan Taylor can say that Wiggins didn't ring the bell - the 
movement of the rope and "clapper" seemed directly co-ordinated to me


Chris Pickford
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