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Tue Jul 31 18:57:49 BST 2012

I also hear an E at the Olympic opening ceremony, though the bell is cast to be a B. 
Our friends in Nederland informs that the bell was tuned by Eijsbouts. Here is the video where this happens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d_USV1vSCo 
Many familiar faces. They do hit the bell once or twice in the video while tuning, during this it  has tones closer to the B. 
If Eijsbouts happened to create a tuning that produces a loud difference tone ("ghost tone"), all the expensive measuring tools shown in the video will not be able to detect it, only the human ear (or actually brain) can do that.  Thereafter simple math based on the partials -that create this tone and that can be measured- will confirm this.


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> Yes, I could hear that on the TV last night.  But what I heard even more prominently was the note E a fourth above it.  I suspect that this isn't really a partial tone of the bell, but an artifact of the human ear, like the one which plagued G&J during the creation of the Riverside bourdon.
> Carl 
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> Note: B


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