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> Concerning...
> John Camp would prefer salute to salutate.
> So would I, but I can contrive meaning to the
> given form...
> Taking salutate as coming from salus (salutation)
> we have salutate and Elizabethae both being
> vocative plural.  The plural alludes to the
> royal "we".  Together the two words mean
> "O greeted Elizabeths".
> Alternatively, salutate can be taken as the
> present imperative plural of salutare so the
> two words would mean "be greeted O Elizabeths".
> Someone must have checked it out?  It's a pretty
> expensive typo if it's wrong!
> Frank H. King
> The University Bellringer
> Cambridge, U.K.
Personally I wouldn't 'bank on it'. The tenor at Wexford has the incorrect Pope's number on it!! And that is only one known error!


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