[Bell Historians] Latin inscription

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Sun Jun 10 21:59:57 BST 2012

At 17:01 on 10 June 2012, Frank King wrote:

> Taking salutate as coming from salus (salutation) we have salutate and
> Elizabethae both being vocative plural.

And (I didn't notice this first time round) "salutate" is not the
vocative plural of anything, let alone the noun "salus" (though, even if
it were, it is not clear why you should ever need to use the plural
vocative: "O healths!  O well-beings!).  "Salutate" is the vocative
singular (masculine) of the past participle of the verb "salutare".  (It
is also the second person plural imperative of the same verb.)

Perhaps the cobbler should stick to his last (which, I believe, is
mathematics) and not publish cobblers.

John Camp


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