[Bell Historians] Print-to-order books [Was: Ellis Publications]

Richard Smith richard at pkDSYs4BeSpOf49te9AlNLO_9ZXablG7PtGD_NJOLNSFu3XOYjVp721z3i1xrqofwEngmFjIhklZRXCb2rU0.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 9 10:57:20 BST 2012

Alan mentions companies doing print-to-order of old books, 
and there certainly are a great many such companies out 
there.  But has anyone any experience with any that are any 
good?  A while ago I ordered L'Estrange's Norfolk from one 
of these companies.  I was careful to make sure I was 
ordered a photographic reproduction, rather than one with 
OCR text re-typeset, and the content itself is fine.  But 
the front cover is hideously garish and contains the 
misspelling 'Notfolk', which has rather put me off them. 
But equally, my budget doesn't extent to first editions and 
many of the county histories have never been reprinted.



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