[Bell Historians] Dove County Listings by Traditional County

Peter Rivet peter at plrivet.plus.com
Sun Dec 29 18:14:55 GMT 2013

With due respect to Tim Jackson, it is a myth that English county boundaries
were unchanged until 1974.  There are a lot of examples of minor
adjustments, though many (like the transfer of Dalton, near Burton-in-Kendal
from Lancashire to Westmorland in 1894) didn't involve places with change
ringing bells.  Most importantly, is he going to take account of the
detached outliers that existed before 1844?  See by way of an explanation
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counties_%28Detached_Parts%29_Act_1844 - does
Halesowen count as being in Shropshire or Worcestershire?  And is Wokingham
in Wiltshire or Berkshire?

Peter Rivet

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