[Bell Historians] Henry Kingsford Harris's "Automatic Ringer"

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Mon Jun 3 07:53:50 BST 2013

Deedes & Walters /Church Bells of Essex/ p.378 lists Runwell with four 
bells, tenor 61/2 cwt - three by Robert Mot 1591 and the tenor by M&S 
1889, replacing a mediaeval bell. The book says "The Rector (Rev. H.P. 
Harris) has invented an electrical apparatus for ringing the bells, 
called 'The Automatic Ringer'. See /Daily Chroncle/, 18 July, 1900"

Trevor Jennings /The Development of British Bellfittings/ mentions 
(p.165) two patents by H.K. Harris (sic) for ringing apparatus, 1908 and 
1910. But Jennings (whose book rather infuriatingly lacks an index) 
doesn't seem to refer to Harris's invention in any further detail. I 
couldn't see it mentioned in his chapter 11 on "Chiming and Ancillary 
Apparatus" anyway
Chris Pickford
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