Ely DA earliest reports

Sue Marsden erincaters at ...
Sat Jun 8 20:10:14 BST 2013

Dear all

Does anyone have, or know of anyone who has, the first Ely DS reports from
189 to around 1903? I have the bound volumes which the General Secretary
has lent me, but the first few reports are poor quality photocopies which
do not re-copy or scan very well, especially the peals as they are set in a
smaller type. These bound volumes must have been done quite a while ago as
no-one seems to know anything, but someone must have had the first reports
for them to be copied! Any help appreciated. I have tried the CC librarian
who only has one from those dates. I will try the local history librry and
county records office but won't be able to do that until next week.


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