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The Bell from HMS Erebus featured in last week’s BBC programme on the ill-fated Sir John Franklin expedition last week looked in shape and character to be a Whitechapel product supplied in 1845. The date, in familiar Whitechapel type numerals is in relief between the inscription band or mulley groove; the broad arrow on the waist appeared to be incuse with perhaps a couple of smaller marks.


As for the Bell from HMS Hood, so very nearly lost in last year’s efforts to retrieve it, certainly the appearance is different, more reminiscent of the late 19th century and perhaps brought from the second Hood to the later ship, sunk by Bismarck in 1941. 






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[bellhistorians] wrote:
> Whilst agreeing the canons look similar to Warner bells, I’d be more
> inclined on of the firms who produced ships bells, like Lea & Utley of
> St Helens (they produced the original & real Titanic bell)

Since watching a tv programme about the finding of HMS Erebus, the ship 
lost while searching for the NW passage, I have been interested to know 
the origin of its bell, which was recovered from the wreck. See here 
<http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/33264> (or many similar sites) 
where the following info is included.

"The bell is intact and generally in very good condition. Two embossed 
markings – introduced when the bronze bell was first cast – are evident 
on the artifact: a Royal Navy “broad arrow” indicating property of the 
British Government, as well as the date “1845".

The ship was built at Pembroke in 1826; Who would have been casting 
ships bells at that time? Has anyone done any research specifically 
concerned with ship's bells; origins, styles, traditions, tuning etc?


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