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Just for the record, we at Waltham Abbey Historical Society have 
transcribed and indexed the peal boards and bell inscriptions for a 
publication recording all the memorial and other inscriptions inside our 
parish church.

Lawrence Greenall
Waltham Abbey, Essex

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> > Has any consideration being given to creating a central peal board
> > database,
> Yes. The idea was suggested to the CC Public Relations Committee earlier
> in the year.
> We suggested that as a first move it would be good to encourage people to
> start recording peal boards locally (I know a lot already have 
> records, but
> I am sure many don't). That would be beneficial in its own right, as well
> as providing source material that can be used to populate a database 
> in due
> course.
> We decided that it fell more naturally within the remit of the Library
> Committee and so we passed the idea over. I believe the Library Committee
> has given it more consideration but I don't know the details. Maybe
> someone from the Committee is on this list.
> In any case, that seems an obvious project to be picked up by the new
> Historical and Archive workgroup that is being set up.
> -- 
> John Harrison
> Website http://jaharrison.me.uk

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