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For some reason my post keeps getting removed from my message, so I'll
resort to top posting!


There's another issue about tenor weights for historic peals, of which the
above case is a good example.


Warner's did indeed quote 39-3-10 for their replacement tenor bell at Pier
Head. However, when it was weighed at Loughborough prior to scrapping, it
turned the scales at only 36-0-22, so the "official" weight was much
inflated. Which weight should be used for peals 1911-1952? Dobson quoted
41-0-14 for the tenor of the 1814 twelve.


Andrew Bull




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Actually, Sam's warning about the changes of tenor weight at Liverpool - and
the Warner bell 1911 weighed 39-3-10 - raises another issue. 


When researching the pre-1950 peals on 40 cwt rings for Pealbase, I
researched all the peals at Pierhead. A great many were rung on the front
eight (tenor 15-1-23), one on the "middle eight" (tenor 20-3-23) and four on
the front ten (also 20-3-23). The same applies to the peal records of
several other towers, e.g. Redcliffe, Mancroft, Worcester, Dublin, Exeter,
Leeds, Sheffield etc.


So on higher numbered rings, we also need to think about which bells were
being used when peals on less than the full range are reported


Chris Pickford

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