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Anne's query

.. medieval bells . may not have been cast for the church if they were not
dedicated to the patron saint of that church.

Nobody seems to have commented on this. Not my period - my main interests
are post-Reformation - but I'm doubtful the statement is correct. Many
churches had several bells known by the names of different saints - the
Gabriel bell, the Mary bell, John etc - wholly unconnected with the church
dedication. Besides, I can't think of any towers where all the bells were
dedicated to the same (i.e. patron) saint.


It sounds to me like one of those ideas that seems like a brilliant
revelation at first - but quickly collapses when one starts thinking about
it a bit deeper and looking at evidence. I have those quite frequently, but
usually - not always! - manage to stop myself before promoting a bogus
theory. Hope I haven't this time!


Chris Pickford

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