[Bell Historians] Batricks or Battericks?

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Wed Jun 13 14:31:45 BST 2018

I checked the Waltham Abbey accounts in case it would also be useful 
info for you.
In every single case except one, the entry is simply for a rope, or two 
ropes, or a small rope, etc.
But one entry says this:

1632-3    Pd to William Cliborne for a rope for the fourth bell and a 
rope for the Clock waing [weighing] 21lb at vd per pound    0-8-8


On 13/06/2018 14:25, 'Anne Willis' zen16073 at zen.co.uk [bellhistorians] 
> As a matter of interest were the ropes bought by the pound (weight) or 
> the yard?
> Anne

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