[Bell Historians] Batricks or Battericks?

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 Thanks, Anne
Yes indeed. The ropes are only mentioned by number, not length, or weight; ie two new ropes, three new ropes etc, but almost annually!
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Ropes were made of hemp in those days, and I assume that damp towers shortened their lives.


There may have been piecemeal replacement of the ropes to spread the cost.


As a matter of interest were the ropes bought by the pound (weight) or the yard?




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Hello, All


Searching through the Steep Church Archives recently, I have come across several 18th C. references to payments for work to the "batricks" or "Battericks" of the bells, ranging in cost from 6d to 1 shilling through the century; has anyone come across this term elsewhere, or know what it relates to please?


There are also many payments for new bell ropes, sometimes every year, which appear excessive compared to the longevity of bell ropes nowadays; was this almost annual replacement of ropes commonplace in the 18th Century?! 


Many thanks,


Hugh Routh

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