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Thoughts about the Auckland and Inveraray postings.

I'm not sure how to play this one. Although the long-term intention was 
to hang the great Inveraray Bells for ringing, there was no facility for 
anything more than hanging them as a chime (of which the Duke was very 
proud and used to show it off to his guests).
So it's a case here, I think, of chime to ring, the intention applying 
to the latter.

Re Auckland, it all depends on exactly how they were hung at 
Bishopscourt. If they were hung as a chime, it would be a simple case of 
chime to ring; if they were hung (even if not rung) for ringing, it 
could be a transfer.


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David, Nick & Tim,

Do you think Inveraray should be included in the “Chimes to Rings” list?


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That was quick!

Andrew Aspland points out that Inveraray were hung at ground level 
between 1921 when they were transported to Scotland, (they were cast the 
previous year), and 1931 while the tower was built. They were then hung 
as a ring.


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Many thanks for this. The “Chimes to rings” spreadsheet has been updated 
and shown as a transfer of a chime from Holy Trinity Cathedral to St 
Matthew’s, Auckland.


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I started a conversation about Auckland, NZ,on Bellhistorians, and it 
seems pretty certain that these bells are a chime that has been 
transferred and converted into a ring.

The original information came from here 



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Hello Mike,

The CC Library has an undated, unsigned, duplicated sheet with the title 
‘Bishop Selwyn’s Bells.’  This states, ‘For around forty years, they 
hung in the wooden tower of Bishopscourt, Parnell. In this situation, 
they could be merely chimed.’

In ‘Their sound has gone forth’ (2001), Elizabeth Bleby writes, ‘The 
bells were hung in a wooden tower at Bishopscourt in Parnell, Auckland. 
They could not be rung full circle in that tower, but there was a 
chiming machine.’

Best wishes,


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