[Bell Historians] Canons on ancient bell at Hanford, Dorset

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Dec 6 23:23:26 GMT 2021

Sorry, another question on an ancient bell.

In 'The Bell and Belfries of Dorset: Part II', Dalton 
reproduces a diagram of the cross section of the 11th 
century bell at Hanford [p 326].  This is seems to be based 
on diagrams by Elphick in 'The Craft of the Bellfounder' [p 
20], and a 1958 Ringing World article [p 449].

Dalton also includes a photo of the bell [p 325], which is 
reproduced at higher resolution in 'Exploring England's 
Belfries' [p 100].

I'm really struggling to reconcile the cross-sectional 
diagram and photograph with regard to the canons.  Is anyone 
able to describe what they think the canons look like?


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