[Bell Historians] ringing at st Botolph Aldgate before 1966

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Mon Feb 1 19:14:57 GMT 2021

On 01/02/2021 18:41, oliver Lee wrote:
> Hi, there
> For the last couple of days or so I have been carrying research about 
> various London towers and what their ringing situation would have been 
> during the 1930s, so far I haven’t really been able to unearth 
> anything about the state of affairs at Aldgate, what really puzzles me 
> is that it seems to have been a fairly active tower right up until the 
> late 1890s when several quarter peals of grandsire where rung. However 
> it seems from about 1899 to about the 1950s there seems to have been 
> no record of any ringing taking place which makes me think that they 
> may well have been unringable (no doubt to the notable tower movement 
> and the ancient pack and chapman frame), additionally I am also 
> curious to know weather  the ringing chamber has always been at it’s 
> current location or was somewhere else prior to the rehanging
Love's guide seems the obvious place to check. Try this. 
<http://london.lovesguide.com/tower.php?id=742>. It says something about 
the bells being only chimed.


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