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Dear all, I know this might be something of a weird request but I am curious
to know if anyone knows how easy it is get hold of bound ringing worlds.
Whilst I already have a complete set on disk I am particularly keen to try
and find some actual hard copies, The years I am particularly interested in
are 1970 to 1990 as well as some from the late 1990s.  I hope this is not
too much trouble it's just that I was initially planning on getting a
complete set but sadly someone else bought them before I had chance to look
at them. 


Oliver lee 

Harlow Essex 


Hi Oliver,


I have a complete set from (I think) 1967 until 2019, and only missing a
couple of issues back to 1962. You are welcome to any of them, for the price
of the postage.


Andrew Bull

Dursley, Glos.

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