[Bell Historians] Ringing bells backwards as a signal

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You didn’t imagine it David, both Tyack (A Book About Bells) and Raven (Church Bells of Cambridgeshire) tell us that inscription was on the seventh at St Ives. Whether it was reproduced when the ring was recast in 1930 and the seventh again recast in 1958, I don’t know.


As a young ring in the early 1960s, some of the older members of our band at Tenterden used to get very twitchy if the back change came up during call changes and it was an unwritten rule that this change was to be avoided in such ringing. It was apparently permissible during change ringing as it only occurred once and therefore was not considered a tocsin. 





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I remember reading somewhere a bell inscription - WHEN BACKWARDS RUNG WE SPEAK OF FIRE THINK HOW THE WORLD SHALL THUS EXPIRE.


Can't remember where it was, and I'm sure I didn't dream it!


David Cawley

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Yes - back rounds. A mark of disrespect

Chris Pickford

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