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Andrew Tyler antylerdb at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 03:34:48 UTC 2004

All (?) common major methods have plain leads that
contain a number of changes divisible by four, while
5250 is not. 
One solution is to include a method with a plain lead
with a number of changes not divisible by four.

For example, the following irregular method is a
simple variation on plain bob.
x 18. 34. 18 x 12 le 4286735

Including 3 leads of this method (unrung, as far as I
am aware) with 327 leads of plain bob will give the
desired length. 
The attached Word file gives a modified 2 part
composition. The three leads of the method are
included in the first three courses. Of course, there
are many other ways of doing this.

Andrew Tyler

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