[r-t] Re: Major Extents

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Sat Nov 13 11:20:48 UTC 2004

>> "Therefore peals of Major must contain no repeated changes,
>> and 40,320 is the longest you can get"
> you seems to be saying that the longest peal of triples is just 5040.

No, I'm not.  That's why I used the word "Major".  Peals of Triples and
below are not included in Decision (D)B3, which is what I was quoting.  They
have their own, separate Decision, which allows for unlimited changes,
provided every possible change is rung the same number of times.

Note that Variable Cover Triples is subject to the 40,320-change limit, as
it is treated as if it were Major.

> I'm also reminded of comments at the start of October ...
> You didn't mention the multi-extent requirement then, Ben.

No, I didn't.  I'm not perfect, and either I forgot about it, or couldn't be
arsed to reply to a fairly tongue-in-cheek thread.  Stedman didn't provide a
bobs-only extent of his principle, either, but that doesn't mean it isn't
true now.  :-)

> 'Truth' is defined, implicitly, in (D)B2(a)

That's the problem -- it's implicitly defined in one Decision, and
explicitly defined in another Decision.  Easier to take the explicit
meaning.  After all, peals of Triples and below have different requirements
for number of changes (must be a multiple of x, y or z; whereas Major and
above can be any number) -- why shouldn't they have different requirements
for 'truth' as well?


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