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Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
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Michael Wilby has sent me the following email about cyclic principles.
He told me that both he and Rod Pipe both feel that nobody has really
looked at even bell principles, possibly because they don't seem to be
as good as treble-dominated methods, but this type of thing might be an
interesting new avenue.  I replied to him, suggesting I forward his
email to this list to get the combined brains here thinking about the
problems he mentions, and he has replied, asking me to do this.  I've
also included a .pdf of the new grid to this email, as an attachment.

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Hi Phil

Thought you might be interested in the attached.  I've been looking at
maximus principles on-and-off since December (more off than on really)
an attempt to find something new to ring in Birmingham.  Plain bob-type
section ends didn't yield much that was very exciting; I found plenty of
principles where the music was distrubuted about as evenly as a course
Newgate, and where falseness was an issue.

You've seen how the Thursday Maximus principle turns "cyclic"?  I took
"cyclic" section ends from that and produced the attached - somewhat
different and much more musical than previous efforts; I believe you
say it has rotational symmetry.  Early efforts at a composition weren't
hindered by falseness - I got a "sample" 1320 with no effort using calls
and 70E at the first row of the section.  The plain course is good
TE at backstroke), but the 6543217890ET is even better.  Will go for it
St Philip's some time this year.

RWP suggested that there might be more section-ends that could produce
principles with this cyclic feature - this might be something for the
theory list to chew over.  A real prize would be to produce principles
along these lines with "normal symmetry" (whatever you call it...), no
contiguous places, and that lent themselves to musical composition.



(See attached file: Cyclic Max.pdf)


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