[r-t] Happy birthday ringing-theory

John Camp camp at bellringers.org
Thu Aug 11 18:12:24 UTC 2005

At 19:02 on 11 August 2005, Mark Davies wrote:

> It did strike me (on a more serious note) that, after a year in
> operation, we ought to have a list of "problems solved by ringing
> theory". ... So how about it Phil & John?

This notion is applicable over a wider area than ringing-theory. Laura
Dickerson has frequently asked for a FAQ on recurring topics on the
general list - the old favourites of ringing in Lent, muffling bells,
teaching blind people and so on. The principle is the same.

This list probably contains most of the seriously computer-literate
people in ringing.  What advice can you give?

If Philip feels that this isn't a proper subject for r-t, then we can
move it to r-c or c-r.  That might be a good idea, anyway, as it would
catch a few more knowledgeable people (as well, of course, as some
less so).

John Camp

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