[r-t] Hair splitting

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Tue Aug 30 16:56:34 UTC 2005

Don Morrison wrote:

> If I ring a vanilla peal of Cambridge Minor is there anything, other
> than taste and good sense, to prevent me from claiming that I've
> instead rung a peal of spliced Cambridge and Ebor?

There's nothing in the CC Decisions to prevent you from
doing so.  The CC Decisions don't even require a plain lead,
so there's nothing to prevent you from calling it spliced
Cambridge, Primrose and Ebor, despite there not being a
plain lead of Primrose.[*]

A slightly more interesting case is the Parker splice
between Cambridge and Primrose.  With the standard FFHx3
calling, I would argue the simplest way of thinking about
this is as a course of Ebor with Q-sets of 2nds-place bobs
when 26, 36 and 46 are in 5-6 and Q-sets of 6ths-place bobs
when 26, 36, 46 and 56 are in 2-3.  Perhaps we should start
refering to this as Ebor, not as spliced Cambridge and


[*] That's actually a little subtle.  You can only claim
that the leads with a 14 lead head are Primrose as otherwise
you have an illegal call as it does not move you between

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