[r-t] Spliced TB Major

James Hustler james.hustler2 at 1stquote.co.uk
Wed Apr 12 12:42:38 UTC 2006

I suspect you probably won't - the method Writtle was so named to try 
and get the local band at Writtle to think outside the box a little and 
ring by a rule based format rather than a strict blue line.

It is not possible to get a true 720 of Writtle TB, so we rang a 1440 
instead which apparantly was not good enough to "name" a method under 
the existing "rules" - I'm not sure whether this is still the case.

Tony Smith did warn that another band could come along and re-name the 
method and by the looks of things you have.

BTW - how is the 34-34.1-2-1-2- extension arrived at?
I had always assumed the logical ECD/SEF or EFG/SEF rules but then I've 
not had cause to delve into the extension rules of late.


> I was aware or Writtle Minor but assumed that it would extend to 
> 34-34.18-12-18-12- and I haven't received any missives 
> from the methods committee so I presume I was right.
> Peter

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>  > I was intrigued by the peal on p. 330 of the Ringing World.
>  > Does anyone (e.g. PJE) know the reason for this collection of strange
>  > methods?
>  >
>  > Peter
> Most curious!
> Tying up the extension thread
> Very Easy TB Major 34-34.1-2- lh18 (M)
> Writtle TB Minor   34-34.1-2- lh 1 (m)  Writtle 02/1062

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