[r-t] Spliced TB Major

King, Peter R peter.king at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Apr 12 17:09:27 UTC 2006

>BTW - how is the 34-34.1-2-1-2- extension arrived at?
>I had always assumed the logical ECD/SEF or EFG/SEF rules but then I've 
>not had cause to delve into the extension rules of late.

Umm probably by not thinking very hard about it! The decision to add the method was made pretty much on the day of the attempt. Despite having read through the rules several times I'm not sure that I fully understand them. Perhaps PJE (who must be completely au fait with them since he wants to get rid of them) could elucidate. 

I guess my reasoning was that you wouldn't necessarily add the set of extra places in every possible position - but thinking about it further I can't see why not.

>Tony Smith did warn that another band could come along and re-name the 
>method and by the looks of things you have.

I don't particularly wish to upset the good folks of Writtle so if there are objections I can put it to the band and ask if they mind naming the method Writtle. I don't have very strong views one way or the other (seeing as this method isn't in the 23).

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