[r-t] Spliced TB Major

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Apr 14 22:36:01 UTC 2006

Reminds me, I came up with a small collection of spiky TB methods some years
ago. The PNs are stored in an ancient Psion that I'm about to throw out, so
for posterity I'll spit 'em all out here, good & bad:

Spike 1
3-36.1-2.56.1-4- c (cf Crazy)

Spike 2
3- b

Spike 3
3-56.1-2.56.1-4-1.36-2.7 c

Spike 4
3-36.1- b

Spike 5
5- c

Spike 6
36- a

New Spike 2 f (cf Silly)

New Spike 3 f (cf Silly)

New Spike 4
56- a

Sticky 1 mx

Sticky 2 (j)

I think the falseness is pretty bad for most. Interesting that there doesn't 
seem on the surface to be many collisions with King's methods.


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