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Nice collection of methods. some have similarities with the ones I chose (sticky 2 is a bit like Monstrous - but we haven't rung that one yet ;)). Indeed I may have tried some of these as I scanned through thousands of methods and had numerous candidate methods lined up which nearly made it. With any peal of spliced it always fairly arbitrary exactly which ones to choose but I think all this shows that, contrary to the comment I had heard, there are plenty of "interesting" TB8 methods. whether or not you would want to ring any of these on their own I don't know. Certainly with the 23 I chose I haven't come up with any particularly stunning compositions (although I haven't tried very hard). As you say the falseness is generally quite tough. But there again it is probably just as interesting to ring one of these as Belfast (or Rutland!).

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Reminds me, I came up with a small collection of spiky TB methods some years
ago. The PNs are stored in an ancient Psion that I'm about to throw out, so
for posterity I'll spit 'em all out here, good & bad:

Spike 1
3-36.1-2.56.1-4- c (cf Crazy)

Spike 2
3- b

Spike 3
3-56.1-2.56.1-4-1.36-2.7 c

Spike 4
3-36.1- b

Spike 5
5- c

Spike 6
36- a

New Spike 2 f (cf Silly)

New Spike 3 f (cf Silly)

New Spike 4
56- a

Sticky 1 mx

Sticky 2 (j)

I think the falseness is pretty bad for most. Interesting that there doesn't 
seem on the surface to be many collisions with King's methods.


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