[r-t] Handbell Touch and minor principle

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Thu Nov 23 12:19:47 UTC 2006

On 11/23/06, Ted Steele <ted.steele at tesco.net> wrote:

> Did you ever discover a reason for the difficulty with Forward? I know
> it is hardly rung but the problem is interesting in its own right. Do
> you know if it is actually impossible to get the extent or just very
> difficult ?

Forward Minor:
R.W. 1986 page 404
720 by Michael E Ovenden:

123456 out 4ths in B
123546                  s
163524   -     -         -
125643    (a)     s   s
125463                 s
135426   -     -       -
142635    (b)     s   s
5 part
(a) =  W sH
(b) =  sH   H  sW   sH
instead of places in 1-6, bob = 14;  single = 1456

My dad's mother's people come from Coalville! & I have what used to be
called miner's nystagmus, When I was little it was thought to have
been passed down from my ancestors but since then medical opinions
have changed apparently I acquired it all on my own!

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