[r-t] Anything Goes vs Peals Mean Something

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Sun Aug 10 22:20:13 UTC 2008

Mark Davies wrote:

> Sorry, forgot to reply to RAS:
>> Your 'whole lead' idea, even you've acknowledged is too restrictive.
> No; the whole lead concept is too permissive,

Well, I think even requiring whole leads is too restrictive. 
I can easily imagine wanting to switch stage at both the 
half-lead and the lead-end.

I think you're far, far too keen to disallow out touches 
that you don't like (and that I think most of us would agree 
we don't like), even when that means disallowing obscure 
touches that have merit.  That's where we fundamentally 
disagree.  And that's precisely what I want to get away from 
in the current decisions.

Your proposal doesn't curtail what we can ring: it simply 
requires us to use a contrived description.  That has to be 
a bad thing.


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