[r-t] Methods [was Grandsire/New Grandsire, etc]

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Tue Jul 22 12:56:42 UTC 2008

Tom Willis:
> What would be included under "method ringing" would include principles
> and diffferentials, so "method ringing" isn't an accurate description.

Er... both "principles" and "differentials" are subsets of "methods".  Not 
sure about "diffferentials", though.  :-)

> Personally, I would want to describe anything involving bells moving
> by at most one position as "change ringing"

Yes, but the whole point of this conversation was that people will still 
colloquially refer to things such as jump changes as "change ringing", so we 
might as well make the proper usage the same as the colloquial usage.


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