[r-t] Maidstone Major & Bob Major Triples

edward martin edward.w.martin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 17:02:22 UTC 2008

2008/7/31 edward martin <edward.w.martin at gmail.com>:

> He just mentions:

"He" refers to Enest

> What the CC booklet says cannot possibly be right "The method is Original,
> with bobs made on the front (thirds instead of
> lead)", because there aren't enough changes.
> 5040 is one seventh of 40320 so, the treble would have to be always at lead!
> What was probably rung is analgeous to a 5040 of Bob Triples with tenor
> covering, but in this the 5040 would be on the back bells with treble always
> leading!

Well, I never said that I was a mathematician did I?
However, the argument still holds good  in that the 40,320 changes has
5040 rows with treble at lead.& 5040 in 2nds etc.

Eddie Martin

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