[r-t] Future of bellringers.org/net lists

Admin admin at bellringers.org
Mon May 3 20:23:48 UTC 2010

I am quite content, at present, to continue administering
ringing-chat, change-ringers and the other six ringing lists hosted on
the bellringers server.  However, I am not getting any younger and the
time may come, before too long, when, for this and other reasons, I
shall want to hand over to someone else.

I should therefore be interested to know if anyone is interested in
taking on this task.  It is by no means necessary that a successor
would take on all the lists.  They can easily be separated.

Please let me know, off-list, if you are interested, and have the
facilities to take on administering one or more of these lists.  I
want to make preparations for any transfer well in advance.

John Camp

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