[r-t] False Course Heads

ted.steele at tesco.net ted.steele at tesco.net
Sun May 16 06:37:54 UTC 2010

Richard Smith wrote:

> Alex Tatlow wrote:
>> Does such a publication, or website, exist that explains simply about method falseness etc? 
> Wilf Wilson's somewhat dated 'Art and Science of Change Ringing on Church and Hand Bells' also has a reasonable section on falseness, though to my mind it is less thorough than Leary's treatment.  This seems to still be available:
>   http://www.cccbr.org.uk/bibliography/#changeRingingWilson

This is not my field but my knowledge of false courses came from Wilson's book and I found it quite easy to understand. However, I seem to remember reading on one of the ringing e-lists that the designation of the false course head groups had been changed since Wilson's book was published. Is this so or did I imagine it?


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