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In Bob Triples, St Simons etc., a bob where 7 runs in or out affects the
coursing order of 4 bells, putting it out of course. 

To make a touch with one single, there have to be an odd number of Ins +

 John Holt composed a peal of PBT with no singles with one Q set of the
7th In, Out and make the bob, joining the other courses on. It is still
tricky, because the total number of courses is even, but it is possible
because the leads are reversible. 

He adapted the peal for Bob Minor, producing a 720 with no singles, where
the treble dodges once 56 up, once 56 down and makes 4th once.




 On Thu 14/06/12 8:59 AM , Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com sent:
  > A frequent misconception in ringing theory is that you need singles to
 > ring a peal of plain bob triples.
 > Clearly this is not the case - see eg this 9 part by Prof Holroyd:
 > My question though is: has a bobs-only extent of PB7 ever been rung?
 > probably unaware of multiple peals of something obvious, but even after
 > quick search I'm not aware of any examples.
 Yes, they are pretty well known.

 The RW Diary touch of 154 with one single is another curiosity.

 Andrew Johnson

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