[r-t] False composition ?

Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 22 18:50:35 UTC 2013

I wonder if anyone can help me please.

I have just finished trawling though the Ringing Worlds between 1911 and 1940 and have been extracting compositions of spliced. 
I have finished proving all of those that are Spliced Surprise and these are ready to go onto my website and into the spliced 
database. This should mean that my website rrhorton.net will include all compositions of spliced surprise that have been 
published in the RW, plus some that have not.

There is one composition that baffles me.

It is by A G Driver and was published on page 556 of the RW of 1937.

It appears to be false within a method called Loughborough in leads 3 and 31. The peal was rung in May of that year and I 
cannot find the peal being withdrawn or the composition being amended. The method Loughborough was new at that time but the 
figures were published and agree with the method of that name on the current Council website. I append the composition and the 
place notation of the methods and would appreciate any guidance before I exclude it from the collection.



5472 Spliced Surprise Major (7 methods)
A G Driver 1937 p556

 23456    W  B  M  H   Methods
 64235    -     -  -   A/BCDEF/G/
 26435             -   ABCDEFG/
 42635             -   ABCDEFG/
 63425    -        -   A/BCDEFG/
 46325             -   ABCDEFG/
 34625             -   ABCDEFG/
 34256    -  -         A/BCD/DEFG
 23645    -     -      A/BCDEF/G
3 part.


Lead 3C is false against lead 31C.

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