[r-t] False composition ?

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Fri Aug 23 09:01:52 UTC 2013

Roddy wrote:

> There is one composition that baffles me.
> 5472 Spliced Surprise Major (7 methods)
> A G Driver 1937 p556

This is fixed course spliced, so in the days before computer proving, I would have expected the fixed course to be constructed to give a limited set of false courseheads. Individually, three of the methods have B falseness and four have BK. The composite course has FCHs BFK. The calling is not true to F or K, so it is not clear to me what might have gone wrong. I originally thought that Albert Driver may have checked the inter-method falseness and forgotten the falseness of a method to itself, but there is a bit of both. The general understanding of FCHs and cross-falseness may have been imperfect in 1937, or he just made a mistake.


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