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Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Wed Jun 19 08:46:18 UTC 2013

"I would be grateful if you could provide special lengths for these please...Magna Carta 800 - June 2015 is the 800th anniversary of the signing (sealing) of the Magna Carta"

There were a series of touches of 800 changes of Cambridge (on different stages) rung around the country in January 2009 for the 800th anniversary of Cambridge University. These were published in the RW in December 2008.  I've dug out a .pdf of them (attached), but as list attachments don't always transmit properly I've copied the key details below:

800 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Ring the Cambridge-y block x1256x1456x36x56 followed by "normal" Cambridge Surprise minor with the touch bpp (ie a bob at wrong) to bring up rounds after 80 changes, then just ring a standard 720 to give a touch of 800 changes. 
(Glenn Taylor suggested an alternative here at <http://bellringers.net/pipermail/ringing-theory_bellringers.net/2008-December/002759.html>)

800 Cambridge Surprise Major
B M W H 23456
-       35264
  - -   62453
  - -   34256
      - 23456

800 Cambridge Surprise Royal
This is based on the touch where the 2nd makes the bob four times (the tenor is called Middle, In, 5ths, Wrong). Some courses are shortened with Primrose [P] to obtain the right length:
The touch can be rotated so the tenor makes the bobs instead of the 2nd if desired.

800 Spliced Maximus - Cambridge Surprise and Cambridge University 800th Anniversary
The touch starts with one lead of "Cambridge University 800th Anniversary" [U] - in this method the front 8 bells ring Cambridge Surprise Major, whilst the back four bells ring plain bob minimus. The lead is rung with a 18 bob at the end to bring up 13527486E9T0.
Cambridge surprise maximus is then rung with a 1256 single at the before, with rounds occurring after 800 changes.


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