[r-t] A new Spliced Surprise Major canon

Andrew Graham ajgraham42 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 15 10:11:37 UTC 2013

>From: Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
>This is a fine achievement. I don't expect you to agree ;) but since you asked, some of the methods feel a bit 'samey' to me.
>For example, I think it's a slight cop out to have Deva and Venusium - they're practically the same method! How about Cadmium instead?

In the same vein, having Deva, Bristol *and* Superlative is a bit of a cop-out given that Deva is just bits of the other two bolted together.  I realise that having all three may well help with cross-falseness and therefore improve musical possibilities but it's going to make the compositions less interesting to ring.
I would personally like more distinct methods and better method balance (they've all skewed in one way or another, although some are worse than others) at the expense of music if necessary; though I realise this probably runs contrary to what you were setting out to do.
None the less, a very interesting project.

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