[r-t] A new Spliced Surprise Major canon

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Mar 15 22:46:09 UTC 2013

AJG writes,

 > In the same vein, having Deva, Bristol *and* Superlative is a bit of
 > a cop-out given that Deva is just bits of the other two bolted
 > together.

I guess, as in my email to Rob, I actually see this as a good thing. 
People do learn a bit about method construction from ringing the 
standard 8, crap though most of them are; hopefully you can learn even 
more whilst ringing the Davies 10, and have the benefit of getting 
decent music whilst doing so!

So in defence of my method choice, I would argue that the compositions 
*are* still interesting for black-zone ringers, but that they aren't 
meant to be black-zone compositions: I'd like every Surprise ringer to 
at least aspire to ringing them. And if that means more people start to 
understand why jx is cool, and how you can build a Deva out of a Bristol 
and a Superlative - yeah, I'll be happy!

> I would personally like more distinct methods and better method
 > balance (they've all skewed in one way or another, although
 > some are worse than others) at the expense of music if necessary;

I am certainly very happy to take suggestions of methods and try to make 
a more challenging and varied composition out of them. Is there anything 
in particular you'd like to see, Andrew?

On the subject of method balance, I tried a bit harder with the 3-part 
peals to achieve good balance, although of course it is actually harder 
with a true multipart. With the one-part peals, I felt that if I had 
ATW, then perfect method balance ought to take back seat to music. 
Actually, I'm surprised you value balance over music - can you explain why?


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