[r-t] One Spliced Surprise Major

John Fisher ghoti at mad.scientist.com
Fri Jun 6 09:18:26 UTC 2014

> If you were to ring Yorkshire Snap and Cambridge in Don's example, you
> have the additional difficulty of it not being covered by the definition
> "Spliced" in decision C.1. as you are not changing method at the leadend
> halflead.

"Compositions in more than one method in which the change of method occurs
at the lead-head and/or the half-lead shall be called "Spliced"."

Does that necessarily rule out other things also being called "Spliced"?
When changes of method occur at other places, what is it called?

We actually did this with Bristol and Stedman.  I sent it up as "Spliced",
but if anybody ever noticed it didn't get back to me.  It should have been
fairly obvious with 2564 changes of Bristol Royal.


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