[r-t] Monster extent of triples

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Tue Oct 7 10:04:32 UTC 2014

On 07/10/2014 10:57, Graham John wrote:
> This is an interesting theoretical exercise and it is good that we will
> never run out of more challenging things to ring, but somehow I can't see
> the appeal of ringing things that are that chaotic. However, if a random
> sequence was generated that when repeated 6 times produced the extent i.e. a
> plain course of a Triples principle, or the plain course of a 12-lead(4x3)
> or 10-lead(5x2) differential, or even a 6-lead hunter, then I think that
> would be much more elegant. There are plenty of rung examples of Doubles
> methods that are extents (28 hunters, 37 differentials & 107 principles),
> but none of Triples.

Just take a single part of a 7 part of Stedman Triples, such as H Law 
james, and name it as a triples priciple with 720 changes per section.  

I do agree with you Graham, and was talking to ringers about this over 
the weekend.  A mini-monster, with ideally (to my mind) 7 sections would 
be great.  Slightly less trivial to conjure up though.


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