[r-t] Monster extent of triples

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Tue Oct 7 14:18:30 UTC 2014

Richard wrote [and AJG similarly] :

> Just take a single part of a 7 part of Stedman Triples, such as H Law
> and name it as a triples priciple with 720 changes per section.  

Yes. Assuming that a significant number of perturbations could be applied to
make sufficiently different from Stedman. 

And Philip wrote:

> The difference in learning (if all ringers are essentially ringing by the
> notation) is at most a factor of 7 (and the difference if ringers are
> learning a blue line is close to zero)...this doesn't exactly bring a
> 7-part much closer to most ringers from the realms of being
> "an interesting theoretical exercise".

Yes - I agree. Currently, the longest Triples plain course is Upham
Differential which has a 70 change lead x3x4 giving an 840 change course. It
does benefit from having distinctive features in the blue line which I am
sure must have made it more memorable for the band, whereas I have always
thought Scientific's line to be rather short of interesting features.

Upham has been mentioned by Philip before, saying that RAS had found many
similar differentials.  Did he look for ones with longer leads though?  


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