[r-t] Peal Prover

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Thu Sep 4 12:47:30 UTC 2014

I'm trying to help someone with a composition of an alliance major
method. He is using a bit of software called Peal Prover with which I
have no experience. It appears to only run in an operating system I do
not have; in fact, from what I've found so far, it appears that I can't even
get at the documentation for the program without running an installer in
that OS!

Imagine entering the place notation for a method like Aston Martin
Alliance. It seems to be neglecting the 78 half-lead, and constructing
some sort of 32 change lead method (we're working over 3,500 miles
away from one another, exchanging information solely by email, so
I may be mis-deducing what's going wrong, of course).

Does anyeone with experience with this software have any thoughts on
what may be going wrong? Does it perhaps have some preconceived notion
of what the lead length of a method is that needs to be updated for
an alliance method with an unusual one? Does it have a convention
different than '.' for separating two consecutive changes in place
notation? Anything else folks can think of?


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