[r-t] Method extension

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Mon Apr 27 10:17:02 UTC 2015

Me: "please...give a few idiot-proof worked examples"

Philip: "&36-38.4-,2 example 1"

Hmm - the pdf I opened simply has the grid of London Minor with a single red 
and blue asterisk annotated.  I fear we have a classic example of Reductio 
PABSurdam here :-)

In any case, I think PABS' answers reinforce my overall point - any 
algorithm to extension will be badly flawed (with inconsistencies, 
hard-coded preference parameters, and historical baggage). Whilst some 
algorithms are admittedly more flawed than others, and I think PABS' 
approach is likely to be better than the status quo, even the examples (and 
answers) in PABS' new approach quickly highlight some of its limitations.

By all means people can (and should) publish one or more advisory applets 
that can be used to generate "extensions" (and I think Tony Cox's overall 
approach is attractive), but there is no reason these need to be mandatorily 
enforced or included in any Decisions. Simply let bands decide instead.

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