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Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Thu Apr 30 05:49:57 UTC 2015

So much to comment upon!

Don said “I do hope the committee gives you its blessing, then....”


We do try – there’s usually a description of what goes on at our meetings in the Ringing World. As regards the document – the delay is caused by trying to get it 100% correct – just in case. How many of you, with children, would find it acceptable for their maths teacher to expect them to get 100% every time and expose them to public invective if they didn’t? Even Birmingham doesn’t get 100% in the 12-bell contest.


MBD & Andrew Johnson: Wasn’t Cambridge extended long before those who originally devised the Extension formulae? (Answer – yes – at least 1822)


MBD: “Up to now that algorithm has been Tony Smith's brain.” Doesn’t he use a computer?


Don: “Which the current rules have prevented?” By and large, yes. I can’t remember the last complaint before 2nds place DNCBR. Most bands *ask* for extensions – and often get several alternatives.


MBD: Like Iain Anderson, if you’d bet on it, you would have lost. At my 
count, only 49 of the 147 TDMM ‘from the book’ do not have Extensions, 
i.e., 2/3 do.

Best wishes
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